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Are you ready to put the cigarettes down for good?  Most smokers hold back from scheduling a session because of fear of being required to commit to mulitple sessions. Smokers want to come in, 'fix it' and be on their way. They have tried everything else, and they are simply done with smoking.

This mind set continues for a majority of smokers who sit in the Hypnotists chair. They feel the meter is running much like the meter in a taxi cab. This creates anxiety in the client because they feel like they are rushed for time, trying to get out before the 'meter runs over'. Or before they feel like they are pressured into another session when they already feel like they are done.

While a majority of the stop smoking clientele at Hypnotic Wellness Center have quit after only 1 session, others may feel at a later time, usually 3-4 months out, that they need a 'booster'. They are able to remain non-smokers, ex-smokers, they just want a little extra push. Most times they may feel embarassed to admit they are thinking about it here and there.

This is where the Stop Smoking Support Guarantee comes in. There is no 'meter running', no pressure to commit to additional sessions. What we do have is your Stop Smoking Support Guarantee! Once you are a Client of our Stop Smoking Program, you have a  6 month support commitment from us, to help you if you ever feel you may need that booster, or just that little extra push to continue as a non-smoker, an ex-smoker. 

What does that support commitment cost? You already paid for it at your Stop Smoking Program session with us. If at any time in the 6 months following your Stop Smoking Program sessions you feel you need that extra push, call, and come in for FREE. No catch, just your Stop Smoking Support Guarantee!

How much does it cost?

Stop Smoking Program is priced as the 3 session program.

Will I gain weight after I quit smoking?

This is a genuine concern for a majority of our stop smoking clients. The stop smoking program specifically works with this in the sessions, to maintain a healthy appetite and to make better choices. It is important to us to work with the client in a way to assist them in not gaining weight afterwards.

Can I add weight loss in the same session?

We have been asked this question more times than we can even count. The subconscious mind has a tendency to dump out suggestions if it is overloaded. Combining weight loss and stop smoking has great potential to overwhelm your subconscious mind