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Hypnosis and Iceburgs

Think of a large iceberg floating in the water and how it only has a small piece of its whole visible above the surface; picture now how much of that iceberg is not visible and is under the surface of the water. Just like what the iceberg is hiding below the surface of the water, our subconscious mind tries to protect us and ‘hides’ what that root of our concerns are. However through Hypnosis, your Hypnotherapist can assist you in discovering what that root really is and positively changing it, thus removing any self imposed blocks which will no longer hinder your journey toward success of your self improvement goals!

The Subsonscious Mind is estimated to be at a minimum of 88% of the whole mind. It has no reasoning skills, for that is part of the function of the Conscious Mind, thus meaning that whatever enters into the Subconscious, some part of it remains somewhere. Weaving a large and complicated web of Identifications and Associations. Through Hypnosis, the Hypnotherapist has direct access to the Subconscious mind, which allows the Hypnotherapist to suggest positive changes to the complicated web, slowly changing the key parts in positive ways. Through future Follow Up Sessions all the previous work is Re-Enforced, allowing the Client to enjoy success!

Another way of thinking of it is this: The subconscious mind learned the habit of which the client is aiming at changing by repetition, so in turn that habit will have to also be ‘unlearned’ or positively changed also by repetition and by positively changing the way the subconscious associates and identifies with the habit. Cementing the path of personal success in the Clients self improvement objectives.