Hypnotic Wellness Center 

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Hypnosis Per Session & Program Pricing
Program Trial Session
1 Follow Up Hypnosis Session 
3 Hypnosis Sessions
4 Hypnosis Sessions
6 Hypnosis Sessions
8 Hypnosis Sessions

What Can You Expect

The Hypnotic Wellness Center offers a unique and dedicated approach to your self improvement. We aim to a superior level of comfort for those clients who are new to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and re-acquaint those clients who have a familiarity with Hypnosis and wish to re-explore its benefits.

An Initial Hypnosis Session is a 2 hour appointment. It consists of the Client completing some paperwork, which includes a questionnaire that determines how best the Hypnotherapist will specialize the Clients individual Hypnotherapy session.

A consultation with the Hypnotherapist follows, where the Client can discuss their concerns and become familiar with the Hypnotherapist. The Hypnotherapist then will share with the Client how Hypnosis works in the human mind, how often one actually experiencing Hypnosis in their every day life without knowing it, some personality traits which relate to Hypnosis, and much more. The hypnotherapist then tailors a 35-45 minute Hypnosis session for the client based off their discussion and the goals at hand.

The Initial Program Session is largely considered a 'Conditioning Session.' Meaning, the Client will familiarize themselves both with their Hypnotherapist, and the Hypnosis experience itself. The foundation for the clients journey of self improvement begins here within the initial session and is further built upon and tailored for success within Follow Up Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Follow Up

All Follow Up Program Sessions consist of consultation with the Hypnotherapist to discuss Client concerns, and Clients feelings on the progress of Clients on-going journey of self improvement. Upon completion of the consultation, a specially tailored Hypnosis session begins with the Client. A follow up program session can be expected to be in duration of approximately 90 minutes.

How many follow up sessions one can expect varies on the individual, and the Clients personal feelings of progress made in between sessions. The Client knows when they have reached the goals they envisioned. It is rare to reach full desired success in only one session. There are many times when one goal rolls into several, and once the Client learns the true potential of success through Hypnosis, they may continue to use Hypnosis as their dreams and goals grow and build.

Free Consultation

Also available is a FREE 45 minute phone or in office hypnosis consultation. Our FREE 45 minute hypnosis consultation is offered both by phone or in office appointment. This allows us to be more specific, answer questions you may have and ensure that hypnosis is something that can work for your concerns/goals.

First Class

 We offer a first class approach that serves our clients. We steer clear of charging like a mainstream therapist who charges session by session in a path that can seem like it has no likely finish. Our program system serves our clients far better, allowing them to save money and receive more  long term support.

You may add sessions as you wish by the individual session or by upgrading to the next program. We offer alot of flexibility. By enrolling in one of our programs, you have many benefits which are not available in a 'session by session' dynamic.