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Patrick Anderson, CHt.

With a strong background in personnel management, Patrick was able to support and nurture his distinctive interpersonal skills.  His exceptional ability to interpret and analyze the dynamic within his staff lead to recognizing individual’s strengths. Patrick found a way to utilize these strengths as sources of encouragement, leading to greater success of his staff as a whole.

Having a strong desire to work on a more personal level assisting individuals find their strengths and realize them, Patrick became a dedicated student in the Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification program at Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute.

Earning his Hypnotherapy Certification in fall of 2009, he graduated the top of his class. Devoted to continuing education in the practice of Hypnotherapy, Patrick pursued a mentorship. 

Under the direction of Ms. Paula Fanelly and The Center for Motivation, Patrick gathered a more thorough understanding of the implementation of Hypnotherapy and how to develop a private practice. Additionally this experience allowed Patrick to become seasoned in the skill of public presentation.

Patrick then opened his own private practice, Hypnotic Wellness Center. Once a pack a day smoker for more than 10 years, combined with strength in project development, Patrick began to cultivate and implement a successful individualized stop smoking program for the clients of Hypnotic Wellness Center. Patrick's’ stop smoking program has assisted smokers of 30 plus years to put the cigarettes down, effectively and permanently becoming non-smokers, ex-smokers. His greatest success story is a client who became a non-smoker, an ex-smoker after 52 years of smoking! 

Committed to the educational excellence in Hypnotherapy, Patrick served on the 2012 Programmatic and Institutional Advisory Board at Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute.